Which Wich Nutrition Facts & Calories

Which Wich Calories and Nutrition Calculator

***Bread is not included in the Wich (Turkey, Ham + Pork, Beef, Chicken, Seafood, Vegetarian, Italian, Classics, Breakfast, or The Wicked) values below. Please add the bread and topping values from the table below***


Menu ItemCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Sodium (mg)Carbohydrates (g)Fiber (g)Sugar (g)Protein (g)
Turkey Club (Small)220111776302.525
Turkey Club (Small) - Double Meat44023355250551
Turkey Club (Medium)3301827564.50438
Turkey Club (Medium) - Double Meat66037551190876
Turkey Club (Large)44023355250551
Turkey Club (Large) - Double Meat87047710510010103
Turkey Club Bowlwich220111776302.525
Turkey Club Bowlwich - Double Meat44023355250551
Turkey Club Luttucewich 220111776302.525
Turkey Club Luttucewich - Double Meat44023355250551
Thank you Turkey (Small)23021235352.52218
Thank You Turkey (Small) - Double Meat32032181372.52336
Thank you Turkey (Medium)34031852523.53428
Thank You Turkey (Medium) - Double Meat48043271553.53554
Thank you Turkey (Large)46032471704.54537
Thank you Turkey (Large) - Double Meat640643617454772
Thank You Turkey Bowlwich23021235352.52218
Thank You Turkey Bowlwich - Double Meat32032181372.52336
Thank You Turkey Lettucewich23021235352.52218
Thank You Turkey Lettucewich - Double Meat32032181372.52336
Turkey (Small)901945201.517
Turkey (Small) - Double Meat18021891402.534
Turkey (Medium)1302141730226
Turkey (Medium) - Double Meat2604283660.53.552
Turkey (Large)18021891402.534
Turkey (Large) - Double Meat3505378180.6569
Turkey Bowlwich901945201.517
Turkey Bowlwich - Double Meat18021891402.534
Turkey Lettucewich901945201.517
Turkey Lettucewich - Double Meat18021891402.534
Turkey Reuben (Small)1405123070417
Turkey Reuben (Small) - Double Meat2306217680534
Turkey Reuben (Medium)24091893110726
Turkey Reuben (Medium) - Double Meat370103312140.5952
Turkey Reuben (Large)3401325571601034
Turkey Reuben (Large) - Double Meat3401325571601034
Turkey Reuben Bowlwich1405123070417
Turkey Reuben Bowlwich - Double Meat2306217680534
Turkey Reuben Lettucewich1405123070417
Turkey Reuben Lettucewich - Double Meat2306217680534
Turkeywich (Small)1808113990.6617
Turkeywich (Small) - Double Meat270102085110.8735
Turkeywich (Medium)3001417561511026
Turkeywich (Medium) - Double Meat4601732222011152
Turkeywich (Large)420202375211.51335
Turkeywich (Large) - Double Meat590224265251.51570
Turkeywich Bowlwich1808113990.6617
Turkeywich Bowlwich - Double Meat270102085110.8735
Turkeywich Lettucewich1808113990.6617
Turkeywich Lettucewich - Double Meat270102085110.8735

Image: Ron Cogswell