Root Beer Brands: The Big List of Root Beer

You might think that there are a couple handfuls of root beer brands if you are a casual drinker of the beverage. Most of us know A&W, Barq’s, Mug, and a few other brands commonly found in the grocery store. Now take a quick look at the list of root beer brands below. The number of brands is just enormous, which speaks volumes for the popularity of root beer in the United States.

While there are many brands of root beer listed below, we are certain we did not supply every possible brand available. We plan to add new root beer products going forward. In the meantime, please contact us if you know of a brand we may have missed. We will add it to the list as soon as possible.

Root Beer Brands

BrandsVarietiesWebsiteBuy (click image)
1919 Root
A&WRoot Beer, Diet Root Beer, A&W Ten Root
Abita Root
AJ StephansBoston Root Beer, Butterscotch Root Beer,
AppalachianRoot Beer, Diet Root
Barq'sRoot Beer, Diet Root
Barrel BrothersRoot Beer
Bawls GuaranaRoot
Berghoff Root BeerRoot Beer, Diet Root
Best DamnRoot Beer (contains alcohol)
Blue SkyRoot
Boylan Root Beer, Diet Root
BrownieRoot Beer
Buckin' Root
CaponeRoot Beer
Capt'n Eli'sRoot
Caruso's Robusto Root Beer
CiceroRoot Beer, Salted Caramel Root
Cool Mountain Root
Crater LakeRoot
Dad's Root
Dang!Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Butterscotch Root Beer, Diet Butterscotch Root Beer
DeadWorld "Twilight Shuffler" Root BeerRoot
Death ValleyRoot
Dog n SudsRoot
Dr Brown'sRoot Beer
Druthers Black
Dr. McGillicuddy'sRoot Beer (Liqueur)
Dublin TexasRoot Beer, Diet Root
FaygoRoot Beer, Diet Root
Fitz'sRoot Beer, Diet Root
FlashbackRoot Beer
Foxon ParkRoot
FrostieRoot Beer, Vanilla Root
FrostopRoot Beer, Diet Root
Gale's Root BeerRoot
Gene AutryRoot Beer
Grand TetonRoot Beer, Old Faithful Root
Gus Grown-Up SodaDry Root
Hank'sRoot Beer, Diet Root
Hansen'sCreamy Root Beer, Diet Creamy Root
Henry Weinhard'sRoot
HippoRoot Beer
Homer Maple Root
Hosmer Mountain Root Beer, Diet Root
IBC Root Beer, Diet Root
Iron HorseRoot Beer, Diet Root
IpswichRoot Beer, Diet Root
Johnnie RyanRoot
Jones SodaRoot
Junior Johnson'sRoot Beer
Kutztown Root
Lost TrailRoot Beer, Diet Root
Margo's BarkRoot
Mom'sRoot Beer
MugRoot Beer, Diet Root
Myers Avenue RedRoot Beer
Natural BrewRoot
O-So Butterscotch Root BeerButterscotch Root
Olde BrooklynWilliamsburg Root
Old Red EyeRoot
Old SoakerRoot
Olde Rhode IslandMolasses Root Beer
Ozark MountainRoot
PointRoot Beer, Diet Root
Polar ClassicsRoot
Pure SodaworksRoot
Ramblin'Root Beer, Butterscotch Root Beer, Maple Root
ReadingRoot Beer, Diet Root
Red ArrowRoot
Rocket FizzRoot
Rocky Mountain Root
Route 66Root
Saint ArnoldRoot
SaranacRoot Beer, Diet Root
Sea DogRoot
ShastaRoot Beer, Diet Root
Sioux City Root
So Duh! Rockin'Root Beer
Sky Valley OrganicRoot
Small Town Brewery - Not Your Father's Root BeerAlcohol based root beer
Spring GroveRoot
SprecherRoot Beer, Lo-Cal Root
SquamscotRoot Beer, Diet
St John BrewersRoot
Stewart'sRoot Beer, Diet Root
The Pop ShoppeRoot
Thomas KemperRoot
III Dachshund'sRoot
Tom Wahl'sRoot
Tower Root Beer, Diet Root
Tree Fort Root
Triple AAARoot
Triple XXXRoot
Virgil's Root Beer, Zero Root
WBC Root
Weber's Superior Root
ZeviaGinger Root Beer Zero