Does Root Beer Have Caffeine?

Question: Does root beer have caffeine?

Answer: The amount of caffeine in root beer depends on the brand that you buy. Generally, root beer does not contain caffeine. Barq’s (excluding diet) is the only major root beer that has caffeine. Additionally, there are a few smaller root beer brands that have caffeine. Two examples are Rat Bastard Root Beer (caffeine unknown) and Bawls Guarana Root Beer (64 mg per 10 fl oz/102 mg per 16 fl oz).

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The label of the root beer will indicate if the product has caffeine as required by the FDA. However, below we have supplied a list of a selection of popular root beer brands with their caffeine content.

Caffeine in Root Beer

Root Beer BrandCaffeine (mg)
A&W none
Barq's12 fl oz: 22 mg
20 fl oz: 37 mg
Diet Barq'snone
Henry Weinhard's none

Be sure to read the label if caffeine is a concern for you. Ingredients can change without notice.