Popchips Calories and Nutrition Facts

Popchips Nutrition Facts and Calories.

Popchips NutritionServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Sat. Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Potassium (mg)Carbs (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
 Sea Salt1 oz (28g/About 23 Chips)120400019014019101
Barbeque 1 oz (28g/About 20 Chips)120400020013518132
Sea Salt & Vinegar 1 oz (28g/About 22 Chips)1203.500015012519111
Sour Cream & Onion1 oz (28g/About 20 Chips)120400020013518132
Cheddar & Sour Cream1 oz (28g/About 22 Chips)12040.50019015018112
Salt & Pepper 1 oz (28g/About 22 Chips)120400020013018112
Sweet Potato1 oz (28g/About 23 Chips)12040001155020<131
Sea Salt Veggie1 oz (28g/About 23 Chips)1203.500020027020313
Hint of Olive Oil Veggie1 oz (28g/About 23 Chips) 1203.500020027020313
Tuscan Herb Veggie Chips1 oz (28g/About 23 Chips)1203.500020027020313
Nacho Cheese Tortilla1 oz (28g/About 15 Chips)1204.500017019212
Ranch Tortilla1 oz (28g/About 15 Chips)13050.50020018212